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Dom is one of a handful of celebrities to have a ocular condition known as sectoral heterochromia.

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In retaliation, the mother of three claimed that Ariel was a victim of statutory rape from her ex-boyfriend, Cameron Palatas, who was supposedly 18 when they were together, and that Ariel’s claims against her were nothing more than revengeful fiction in response to Crystal’s disapproval of the relationship.

Sarah first began dating actor Dominic Sherwood in 2014 and they’ve been an adorable couple ever since.

Jace Wayland speaks with an American accent, Dom is from England and has an English accent.

I think a lot of us these days fall into a trap of thinking that love is like what we see in a Nicholas Sparks movie. There's a lyric in an Audrey Assad song that says, "Love planted deeply becomes what it ought to be." I've always loved that line. When love is rooted in Christ, everything is different.

When you love a person makes you feel, that's when love can truly grow into all that God has planned for it.


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