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Also note that javascript objects in Trinidad are prefixed with "Tr" in order to avoid name collisions.The basic idea of Apache Trinidad client conversion and validation is that it works on the client in a very similar way to how it works on the server, except the language on the client is javascript instead of java. Converter implementation and now you want to add client-side conversion.One of the benefits of Apache Trinidad is that it supports client-side versions of converters and validators.This means that errors can be caught on the client and a round trip avoided.

Coursework in the cybersecurity technology master's degree program features emerging topics in the field and builds in many opportunities for you to interact with employers through recruitment and networking events.The Master of Science in cybersecurity technology at University of Maryland University College is an innovative degree program that draws from fields such as technology, forensics, management, law, science, business, and psychology to provide you with the most current knowledge and skills for protecting critical cyber infrastructure and assets.These program requirements are for students who enroll in the 2017–2018 academic year.To create a Regular Espression you must declare a variable and have it assigned the expression contained within the forward slashes.The slashes tell Java Script that this is a Regular Expression rather than the quotation marks telling it that it is a string.Additionally, a board of industry leaders and employers advises our faculty to make sure our cyber security programs are covering emerging areas that are relevant to your career growth.


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