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All sailboats with mechanical propulsion must be registered regardless of length.

Sailboats less than 12 feet in length without mechanical prolusion do not require registration.

the birth of your child no later than 3 months after their birth.

Becoming a student at Houston Community College breaks down into 5 steps, outlined below.Recreational vehicle-type units, when traveling on the public roadways of this state, must comply with the length and width provisions of s. As defined below, the basic entities are: The “travel trailer,” which is a vehicular portable unit, mounted on wheels, of such a size or weight as not to require special highway movement permits when drawn by a motorized vehicle. The lienor must maintain proof that written notice to surrender the vehicle was sent to each registered owner pursuant to s. A revalidation sticker or replacement license plate may not be issued for the identified vehicle until the person’s name no longer appears on the list, the person presents documentation from the lienor that the vehicle has been surrendered to the lienor, or a court orders the person’s name removed from the list as provided in s. The department may not withhold an initial registration in connection with an applicant’s purchase or lease of a motor vehicle solely because the applicant’s name is on the list created by s. It is primarily designed and constructed to provide temporary living quarters for recreational, camping, or travel use. Ask HCC is Houston Community College's online knowledge base library of frequently asked questions and answers.Ask HCC is designed to assist you in quickly finding answers to your questions about our institution.Note: Submit your application online at


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