Who is octomom dating

Now mobile, the eight toddlers are proving to be a handful for the single unemployed mother. In fact, Suleman seems to be spending much of her down time working out.

"I've told them I've done some very bad and shameful things and they say, 'It's okay mom we love you anyway and we'll always love you.'" "I want that horrible, despicable character Octomom to be an example of what to be," she adds.

but Octomom finally pulled it off this week and enjoyed her first real excursion with her new man.

As TMZ first reported, Octo and Frankie G (a 23-year-old bodybuilder) have been dating for the past two months.

It was only last January that Suleman's name first became known to the public.

She made headlines as the first woman in the world to deliver (by Caesarian section) eight children at once.


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