Prototype helps in validating requirements

Marketers also use Digital Prototyping to create photorealistic renderings and animations of products prior to manufacturing.

a complete simulation of the life cycle of Mycoplasma genitalium in 2012; and the Blue Brain project at EPFL (Switzerland), begun in May 2005 to create the first computer simulation of the entire human brain, right down to the molecular level.Digital Prototyping goes beyond simply creating product designs in 3D.It gives product development teams a way to assess the operation of moving parts, to determine whether or not the product will fail, and see how the various product components interact with subsystems—either pneumatic or electric.A computer model is the algorithms and equations used to capture the behavior of the system being modeled.By contrast, computer simulation is the actual running of the program that contains these equations or algorithms.The feedback can be gathered about needs / opportunities / problems to identify requirements, or can be gathered to validate and refine already elicited requirements.


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