Updating statewide monthly temperature extremes

For the record, however, Alaska's decade of most frequent high temperature records was the 1970s with 4.

So that you understand what this is about, a few years ago I was looking for evidence of global warming based on the assertion that such warming would be manifested by more extreme high temperatures. What it also showed, however, was that the 1930s had a much higher frequency of those records.

An analysis of our local temperatures revealed that most of the records occurred in the 1950s and 1980s, not in the last 20 years. Finally, it showed a sharp tailing off of such extremes beginning with the new century.

That lead me to search for a more widespread sample... ___________________ After reviewing NOAA database summaries and monthly descriptive reports between January 1999 and December 2008, I have completed the update of the monthly, statewide temperature records for both maximum and minimum temperatures.

This research guide lists important print and Internet sources of information on California's environment and natural resources.Note: These maps contain contours and have a limited number of plotted data.For map with additional plotted data that does not have contours, consult NWSFO Milwaukee/Sullivan "Past Weather Graphs, Analysis and Data Plots" at Last 12 Months Averages The data for these products come from the U. Cooperative Network, augmented by observations from NWS and FAA sites.But if only two new statewide records were set, that’s hardly an historic heat wave when considered in its totality.In Table 1, below, we list the all-time record daily maximum temperature observed in each of the 52 entries (as compiled by the SCEC) and the date and location where it was recorded.This document identifies some of the data files that we have posted on the Wisconsin State Climatology Office website that you can use to assess the current and past climate of Wisconsin, as well as other neighboring states.


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