Cvs remove sticky tag without updating

CVS has two commands, Also note that this checks out a tree with "sticky" labels (more on this in the branching section), so you won't be able to check in new revisions of files.Usually, this isn't a big deal, since you'll be checking out versions of the project that was made at a well-defined moment, and you don't want to be changing the revisions pointed to by the labels willy-nilly.

You'll want to hang on to labels for released versions of products for support and maintenance purposes. You think you've performed the proper magic, and yet things Aren't Working Correctly. If you try to check in a revision on a sticky tag tree, you'll be rebuked with an error." The short answer is "you can't." The short justification is "You don't need to, and you don't want to." File locking does not scale well, even with a small number of developers.Two developers should be able to work on different parts of a file at the same time.If you'd like to update your CVS workspace remotely, see Nanbor Wang's   CVSup  page. to your .emacs file to instruct emacs to follow symlinks to version-controlled plain files.For lack of a better place to put the following, I'll put it here.Let's suppose that you've commited a file, but this ended up breaking something horribly.


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