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“On other days of the week, we prepare food that is common with people of Central Asia.” No Bukharian Shabbat table is complete without fried fish in garlic sauce, explains Amnun Kimyagarov, author of Classic Central Asian (Bukharian) Jewish Cuisine and Customs, the only English-language Bukharian cookbook. Remove onions from water, cut lengthwise and separate layers. Kimyagarov suggests freshwater fish, such as carp, perch, pike or trout. Fish Cut fish into 1-1 1/2-inch thick round chunks or 4-6-inch slices. A range of various sizes of Polyethylene Planters have been designed and produced that can be use for external areas and outdoors that can withstand the harsh Gulf environment in UV-Stabilized Polyethylene in a variety of colors and shapes.

Polycon Bahrain products are manufactured using low-density polyethylene commonly known as LLDPE an environmentally compatible hydrocarbon that is FDA approved for food and water storage.

The Bukharian Jewish community was severely discriminated against and isolated from the other jews, as well as the Uzbek people.

This pushed Bukharian jews to create their own branch of judaism, which lead to the creation of the Bukhori dialect spoken throughout Bukharian history. In the USSR, there were 45,000 speakers; in Israel, there were 32,000; and in all other countries combined, there were 3,000. Today, the language is spoken by approximately 10,000 Jews remaining in Uzbekistan and surrounding areas, although most of its speakers reside elsewhere, predominantly in Israel (approximately 50,000 speakers), and the United States.

Like most Jewish languages, traditionally, Bukhori uses the Hebrew alphabet.

But throughout the past century, due to Soviet influence, the alphabet used to write Bukhori included Latin (1920s) then the Cyrillic (1940).


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