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In all likelihood, the chemistry between the two of you couldn’t be better– which is why it’s so confusing that he’s pulling away from your relationship.

His own personal chemistry has everything to do with it. Oxytocin is a hormone that rises and falls according to what is happening with our other hormones.

It’s absolutely amazing and beautiful and it makes you feel great. I know he said he had a meeting today, but usually he calls me after a meeting or texts me. Even if he hasn’t been sleeping with all of them, he’s still got to quit. I was meeting lots of women and I had like 10 phone numbers and I was texting all these women and then you came along.

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When you do this, you’ll finally be able to have a loving, lasting, committed relationship with a man…without having to worry about him pulling away or resisting your love.

We’re not saying it’s impossible for a guy to overcome his doubts about you or the relationship once they crop up.

But usually, once those doubts become so strong that it makes him pull away and become distant, it’s often too late to salvage something strong and long-lasting.

1) He’s Lost Interest This is pretty much the worst-case scenario for your relationship: when your man withdraws because he’s become disenchanted with how things are going between you two.

Maybe he’s found some fundamental incompatibilities between you, or maybe he’s simply decided that you aren’t exactly what he’s looking for.


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