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After handing it over the counter she set out briskly for home, stopping at a baker's to buy three penny-worth of new buns. She thought she heard voices, and stopping at the door, listened.Not all stop motion requires figures or models; many stop motion films can involve using humans, household appliances and other things for comedic effect.Stop motion can also use sequential drawing in a similar manner to traditional animation, such as a flip book.Promise me you will insert it, though I myself should ask you to cancel it.' It is, therefore, difficult for Germany to cancel her blockade policy.After breakfast I broached the subject to Denis; I begged him to allow me to cancel our play by tearing up the cheque.cancel late 14c., "cross out with lines," from Anglo-Fr. cancellare "to make resemble a lattice," which in L. took on a sense "cross out something written" by marking it with crossed lines, from cancelli, pl. She must, therefore, he thought, cancel her debt by her hand. of carcer "prison." Figurative use, "to nullify an obligation" is from mid-15c. One paper asked what I would give to "cancel that fatal admission." If civil words can cancel aught of our indebtedness I shall not be sparing of them.

And I must school myself to cancel all plans beginning “If she will—if only.” Would you not pay a pretty fine to be able to cancel some of them?

Finding it possible to move, I now ran forward, and succeeded in stopping the wreck into the rigging and bitts.

"There was something else," he said, stopping in front of her again.

Stop motion using objects is sometimes referred to as pixilation or object animation.

The term "stop motion", related to the animation technique, is often spelled with a hyphen, "stop-motion".


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