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Since we have to keep the styles uniform for the sake of the game...would you mind if I 'based' my redrawing of Riku off of Sora and Roxas?

It's solely for help uniformity, otherwise as you can see I would do it myself from scratch(and butcher it), and I couldn't 'copy' from them if I wanted to. Well atleast you remembered, if you had forgotten these holy objects of Sora in his boxers....*swoons*They are totally awesome though!

In addition, both I.5 and II.8 seem to frame the art of II.5, almost as if they were made to be a three-part piece of artwork.

II.5 includes not only the heroes, but the villains, as well, and is the only one of the trifecta that doesn't have three, clear-cut divisions.

" Later smarter gamers found out that by beating the game in "not a pussy mode" you could automatically see the secret ending without going to any great lengths unless you count sitting through the credits.

All this and more have made fans waiting at the edge of their seat for a release date to be announced.

Well, we're not here to answer those questions, unfortunately. Well, apparently, lining up the box art for those three games reveals a number of things:"One more is that when you line up the three illustrations, you'll notice that they show the flow of time with changes in the sky.

Unfortunately this was in Japanese which left the American audience at a loss until someone received a Japanese Pikachu over the GTS who was holding some mail written in both Japanese and English.

This letter dubbed the "Rosetta Stationary" was used to decode the kanji allowing Americans to know the following message which the Japanese had known all along: "stooopid americanz KEYBLAZ are BUDDHAZ ;) swordz and keyz yo, unlock the lock of DEATH kachow!

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