Democrat dating republican can last

Unlike race, being liberal is a choice, just like being conservative is a choice.No baby pops out a liberal or conservative; it’s a state of mind he adopts later on.Many people take their political affiliations seriously.Perhaps you were brought up to revere Ronald Reagan while your partner thinks that Reagan's decisions are what got this country into big trouble.Whether your politics skew to the left or the right, if you've fallen for someone who is essentially your political opposite, you might be a little bit shocked.The fact that you are dating — and maybe even married to someone whose political beliefs are radically different than yours might be causing a rift between you and your parents or friends.

4 tips to make your relationship work despite political differences.

When arch enemies Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner exchanged a fleeting moment of passion after a House Majority leadership vote, the photo of the exchange went viral, and not just because of its supreme awkwardness.

Instances of interpolitical tenderness are about as rare as Congress passing a bill.

I've been single for awhile and though I seem to lack the dating gene, I don't like myself that much where I'm willing to spend the rest of my life in my own company, especially with a limited wardrobe.

So I keep trying experimental stuff like smiling and saying hello instead of burying my face in a woolen hat and sneezing.


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