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By the time they track him down in the airport to arrest him, he uses his hacking skills to take control of an airplane containing 300 people hostage and is more than willing to plummet them to their deaths unless they let him go.

When they do let him go, he still does it regardless, but fortunately the two and rest of the task force were just in time to prevent that from happening.

But a 4-0 win tonight and you've got that sign I'm really disappointed to see that." Arsenal had not won in their previous five in all competitions, including three in the Premier League, a run of form that has seen them slip eight points behind leaders Leicester City with just nine matches remaining.

However, the row was not over there after a fan on Twitter responded to Wright's comments later on Tuesday evening.

Former TOWIE star Jessica Wright sported a Spring-like baby pink minidress as she revealed a nationwide fashion competition with bus company Stagecoach in West Ham on Tuesday.

The 31-year-old model and entrepreneur sported the pretty ruffled frock aboard a bus as she showed off designs from her Sistaglam clothing range.

Wright's complaint that he subjected him to racial abuse during last November's Premiership game at Old Trafford had not, as everyone believed, been quietly shelved.

Instead, the police have been carrying out an extensive investigation and papers have now been lodged with the Crown Prosecution Service.

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His actions manage to disgust Wo Fat, who shoots him dead the moment he sees him.Arsenal legend Ian Wright was involved in a row with an Arsenal fans over an anti-Arsene Wenger banner that was unfurled after the 4-0 FA Cup win over Hull City on Tuesday night.The Gunners comprehensively beat the Championship side thanks to two goals each from Olivier Giroud and Theo Walcott, but fans still showed a banner that read: "Arsene, thanks for the memories, but it's time to say goodbye".Ian Wright was introduced in the episode Akanahe as a slacker who Steve and Grover must apprehend for not paying his parking tickets it is soon revealed that he is wanted for much more heinous crimes.In truth he is a sociopathic hacker known for hacking into highly secured areas in America, stealing security codes and selling them to those who could cause deaths in the thousands while he makes a quick buck.Alternatively, get a piece of the pink pie with the help of our edit below.


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