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It rained a good bit and we wished we could've borrowed DVDs for the player in the room, and we kept looking for the beginner Spanish lessons but couldn't find where they were happening (if they happened).I have no doubt they'll iron all that out soon enough (and hopefully add more board games to the small collection! Breakfast and lunch were good, the dinners were pretty mediocre.Are men more helpful, altruistic, or chivalrous than women? But most social science evidence actually points in the opposite direction.Here are six sources of evidence suggesting women are, on average, the more helpful sex...Americans are basically terrible at taking time away from work.Whether it's because we just don't have enough paid time off to plan a real vacation or because we think the world will end if we step away from our desks for more than a day, either way we're majorly missing out on much-needed time to relax and regroup.

Punta Cana is the name of a region in the easternmost tip of the Dominican Republic. There are many brothels, called casa de citas, where women live and work and the owners must be paid before the women are allowed to leave with clients.We did try to get a nicer bottle of wine at the Italian restaurant, but much of what was on the wine list didn't seem to be in stock yet.The few hiccups really did seem to be about the newness -- the un-stocked wines mentioned above, plus the dearth of rainy-day activities. (As a same-sex couple we weren't sure what to expect, but they told us about the romantic dinner options and were very thoughtful and welcoming, so zero problems on that front from staff.And the "all-inclusive" deal is real -- there were no weird restrictions on bars or restaurants and no surprise charges.Perhaps not unrelatedly, women and girls are primarily responsible for child-rearing in most cultures (Low, 1989).


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