Blogger feedburner not updating

An easy way to do that is with which will tell you if you’re OK or what you can do to fix any issues.

It’s possible that your feed is too big — it sometimes happens with Blogger blogs, but you can fix it (see “Feedburner’s 512K limit“).

Do you use Google Feed Burner service for distributing your website content via RSS XML feeds?

If yes, this unofficial Feed Burner FAQ guide should answer most of your queries that you may have as a Feed Burner publisher.

Clear cache and confirm that the original feed has latest content. Validate Feeds – check your feed with Feedvalidator to see for any RSS errors which prevent your feed from syncing correctly. Ping Feedburner – use this form to ping your feed urls or site url (which should have feed autodiscovery links in the html), then your feed will be quickly updated (or it will point out feed errors). That worked and synced our feed with fresh content.

When you use caching plugins, there is a high chance your feed is cached and when pinged bots come by, they do not find an updated feed. Resync Feedburner Feed – If your feed is valid, and even after pinging the feed does not update in an hour, then Feedburner recommends you go to the feed troubleshoot page (after logging into your feedburner account) and then you need to resync your feed and it will get updated instantly.

To check you feed validity, go to Feedvalidator and enter your blog address and click on ‘Validate’.

My inbox and Twitter have been blowing up with people wanting to know why their posts are delayed in Google Reader, and what they can do about it.[blackbirdpie url=”! Plugins are supposed to work in harmony, but sometimes, they can get in the way of each other.

I have been trying to cut down the amount of resources such as CPU usage consumed by my blog.

When hosting your website on a shared web hosting, you need to maintain an equilibrium level of server resources consumption in other to prevent any distortion to other website hosted on same server as yours.

You will also learn some tips to improve the visibility of your RSS feeds.

Q: I have two different blogs but want to offer one consolidated feed.


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