Webcam ups

Windows detects Open UPS as Battery and automatically shows battery in the system tray.- Input 6-30V, Programable output 6-24V.

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ive lost pay since dec 5th due to your Neglected delivery of my package which now has firce me to take legal Acton ?

Open-UPS provides the following features:- Intelligent UPS, USB interface, SMBUS slave and I2C master.

Communication can be done over USB and the device has also SMBUS reporting capability.

Open-UPS- Intelligent UPS, USB interface- SMBUS slave and I2C master- Buck-Boost Architecture.

Min input of 6v up to 30V- Programable output 6-24V- Default output is 12V- Input/Output current 6A/10A peak- Charge between 6-30V, 3A- Voltage and current limits- Li-Ion, Li-Po, LIFEPO4***, Lead Acid- 1, 2S, 3S, 4S, 5S, 6S- Balancing up to 6S- Coulomb counting (fuel gauge)- Motherboard ON/OFF pulse control*- OS detects device “Battery”- manufactured by The OPEN-UPS was designed to provide user specified regulated power output from a wide input voltage, battery backup, multi-chemistry charging and cell balancing in a single PCBA.


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