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Intense emotional intimacy breeds a desire for a similar level of physical intimacy, and this emotional-physical imbalance can lead couples to engage in sexual activity quite quickly after meeting in person for the first time. Modern technology is good for more than just low-cost real-time talking. If so, what words or phrases would you be comfortable using? Would you be willing to strip and/or masturbate in front of a webcam? Yes, you’re not actually touching your partner’s body.And when I say technology, I’m not just talking about phones, kissing apps, and webcams. Now, while you’re thinking about where your personal boundaries lie in these areas, we’re going to talk through two powerful myths about long distance sexual activity. However, words can touch something just as powerful, maybe even more powerful—his or her imagination and emotions.Unless they break up first, every couple must eventually confront questions about the role of sex in their relationship: Will they become sexually active? If you’re in a long distance relationship, it all gets even more complicated.

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