Scary internet dating guy meme

Dawsyn was on a first date when she got a text from her best friend Georgia.

She looks a lot like V from V for Vendetta if you ask me. I bet his story will appear on a list of bad dating stories.

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Luckily, no one got called out and despite being creeped out by her pal - which would put me off - it all went well for Dawsyn and her date.Even if you love someone's profile, and you are having a nice first date, there's always the sneaking suspicion there's something big they left out of the profile, like the fact that they're Canadian or a murderer or a Canadian murderer.People who post pictures on dating websites with multiple people in it are just asking for no one to talk to them.The term has become popular as a way to describe internet phenomena that proliferate "virally".Lolcats - amusing pictures of cats accompanied by humorous captions full of deliberate misspellings and peculiar grammar.Hence the name - "lol" is internet speak for "laugh out loud".


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