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A place to find God." Our congregation is a growing multi-ethnic community, composed largely of college students, graduate students, and post-undergrads (average Sunday attendance of ~250).Others want to be raised to become the next generation of Christ’s disciples to impact the world.

Some have questions about God or life and come looking for answers.The dream of “an Acts 2 church in every college town” makes our hearts pump and our eyes tear up.One distinctive in the way we plant churches is that we send off a whole team of people at a time – for the sake of our church-planters and so that from the beginning, there will already be a close community to invite people into.So the question is: Do I want to shut mine down too? Actually, now that this has happened, I am now fired up to actually set-up a real site with a message board and social media tools.I’ve always been reluctant to do this, but what has happened recently has frankly angered me so much that I have been re-motivated to do this.In the grand scheme of Christian mission work, going to a college town in America is not all that heroic.


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