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Our brains track moving objects by applying one of the algorithms your phone’s GPS uses, according to researchers at the University of Rochester.This same algorithm also explains why we are fooled by several motion-related optical illusions, including the sudden “break” of baseball’s well known “curveball illusion.” To read more, As they have become more sophisticated over the years, they have turned into miniature computers called smartphones that have numerous software functions, e-mail capability and internet browser functions that have become an indispensible tool for coaches. I wondered if my players might be able to teach me about certain baseball concepts they were having trouble with on the field which would allow them to learn concepts more efficiently. shrunkwrap on heavy cardboard backing for easy display. portrait photo of MICKEY MANTLE and reads: "Mickey Mantle Says: Boys; Any big league "pro" will tell you when you earn something yourself - you enjoy it twice as much". Advertising * Armour & Salada Coins * Artwork * Autographs * Booklets Books * Decals & Stickers * Dope Books, Guides, Etc. Voted the Most Valuable Players in the American & National League.

National Players Of The Week feature one player with 4 homers in one game, a pitcher with 16 strikeouts, another with a 1-hitter and one batter who was 5-for-5 in one game with 7 RBI as he hit for the cycle, plus more.

it appears to be a championship ring that he is wearing; could be his 1951 National League championship ring or possibly his 1954 World Series Ring.

presently; shrunkwrap with thick backing; to protect it. full color photo testimonial ad for Chesterfield Cigarettes.

great photo of him; and in the background; you can see the grandstands inside the Polo Grounds.

Leo was manager of the New York Giants from 1948 thru 1955; thus dating this piece.


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