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The mother-of-two explained: “The police said they had anonymous intelligence that this address was being used for drugs.They said, ‘We’ve found the grinder,’ and I just put up my hands and said, ‘I smoke now and again.’” Radio Nederland Wereldomroep teatab, et Belgiaga piirnevate Hollandi provintside kanepiärikorralduse muutustest nördinud belglased on alagatanud kampaania, mis nõuab ainult kohalikele kehtivate "õllepasside" süsteemi kehtestamist, peletamaks tülikaid alkolembeseid turiste eemale oma maailmakuulsatest õlledest.

If you reside in a country other than your country of origin, have you permission to return to that country? Plus, you ll get up-to-date sponsorship and application requirements.

Alternatiivroki trio Sibyl Vane salvestas sõbrapäevaks ja fännide tänamiseks oma versiooni igihaljast Depeche Mode'i loost «Never Let Me Down Again».

Loo avaldamisega koos annab bänd teada, et nende järgmise albumi avaldab Läti plaadifirma I Love You Records aprillis 2017.

Acclaimed for its accessible and thorough coverage of both classic and current studies of animal and human research, the book is known for its scholarship and easy-to-read style, and the introduction of concepts and theories within the framework of highly effective pedagogical elements, the new edition has been updated and reorganized into twelve chapters to reflect recent changes in the field.

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