Who is fabio lanzoni dating

His big break came soon afterward when Avon Books hired him to pose for the covers of a new line of romance novels. "She just cared that I was working with Fabio." Ms.The results were startling: sales increased tremendously whenever Fabio appeared. People who have followed his career might wonder how a man who admits he can't really sing or write is coming out with an album and a book. Floria explains that Fabio's main influence on the set so far has been to inspire jealousy on the part of the female stars' possessive boyfriends.

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The 54-year-old is surprisingly funny, charming and completely in on the joke. FOX411: It’s impossible for someone like you to get married right? His female suitors were out for blood both on and off the field just to get a chance to spend more time with the football stud.Let's recap the top must-see moments from this week's episode! Maya's breasts (almost) made a play: Because Travis was so fired up to beat his brother in the football game, Kentucky contestant Maya tried her very best to impress him."But instead of my boobs grasping it, it bounced off my boobs. "He approached me when I was working out at the gym," she told Mississippi contestant V Rich on the car ride back the mansion.But when V implied that he was her sugar daddy, the two became involved in a heated argument that eventually forced Travis to play mediator. Travis made out with Lauren: Following the football game, Travis chose Missouri contestant Lauren as the lucky girl to join him for the week's group date at a red carpet charity event. I’m the type of person I don’t care because to tell you the truth I had my fun.


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