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The most expensive option is Casanova, which also comes with a 10-minute pep talk before a first date. The majority of this cash is spend on the ads themsleves but Lovebook makes a small profit on each campaign.

"We have no overheads," says James, who is the sole full-time employee of the company.

"We just need a laptop and it's very easy to scale this type of business." "Facebook has 1.2bn users and while not all of those people are potential dates, it's safe to say the audience is much bigger than Tinder of," says James, who says he has always been seen as a "bit of a Cupid" in his friendship circle.

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Our dating group is the right place for you to start with!With First Date, customers will receive a minimum of five "leads", in the form of Likes or direct messages.The Lovebug package comes with dating advice to attract a wider pool of respondents, and generates more leads."These ads have the potential to go viral," says James.This means that the ads could reach Facebook users that would not be found on traditional dating sites, such as celebrities, James claims."If you have the same interests as Kim Kardashian or a Premier League footballer, you could end up on their page," he says.


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