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The half-frame format, allowing 72 pictures of 18 × 24mm format on a standard 36 exposure roll of film, made Pen cameras compact and portable for their time.

The Pen system design team, led by Yoshihisa Maitani, later created the OM system, a full-frame professional 35mm SLR system designed to compete with Nikon and Canon's bestsellers.

Variants 1-5 (left to right) of the Vivitar Series 1 70-210 Macro Zoom Image copyright © Frederick Wasti I started this page almost by accident: I purchased an example of version 3 of the 70-210 Series 1 for a bargain price, planning to sell it at a nice profit.She ruled Egypt and spent much time creating alliances with Roman leaders to keep them from occupying Egypt.Tragically, she took her own life when she felt her efforts were about to fail, thinking Roman invasion was imminent.Nonetheless, discriminating photographers who could afford the price snapped them up and they are still much sought-after by photographers willing to give up auto focus in return for top quality optics, construction and versatility.The most famous of the lenses was the 70-210 macro zoom.(1959) (Large Image) This is the original Canonflex model introduced in 1959 at the same show the Nikon F and Minolta SR-2 were introduced in the United States.


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