Is dating in college worth it

For a nation that needs more college graduates, we seem oddly hellbent on discouraging as many people as possible from getting degrees.

We have not been able to contain the ever-rising cost, simplify needlessly complicated financial aid forms or protect lower-income aspirants from the for-profit colleges that want to fleece them.

Also stricken by the Dean's corruption, Frank and Steve attempt to counter their wage reductions by cutting their classes short and picking them up in off-hour time periods at other venues.

Still willing to end the Dean's greed, Baby Cakes returns to his office in a Kevin Costner-esque outfit, stealing goods from the office to give to the poor.

Exiting, she encounters the disguised Baby Cakes, who offers her stolen material from the Dean, most of which is damaged by now.

As Pony rejects the now low-value objects, Baby Cakes rides off to do more "help".

Those grads emerged with more debt and poorer employment prospects due to a struggling economy.

As the debt gets paid off and their earnings rise, they may have a change of heart.

One is a telephone survey taken among a nationally representative sample of 2,142 adults ages 18 and older.Among those who graduated between 20, some 65% agreed their educations were worth the cost, with 27% choosing "4" and 38% responding with a "5."Brandon Busteed, Gallup's executive director for education and workforce development, said his team expected more people to strongly agree that their educations were worthwhile."It was surprising to me that it wasn't higher than that," Busteed said."It doesn't mean that half of the people think their education wasn't worth it."The reduced conviction among recent graduates is hardly surprising.Recent graduates were less enthusiastic than older graduates, but only the recent graduates who took out more than ,000 in loans were unlikely to agree that their degrees were worth what they paid.The grads in the national online survey were asked to rate on a 1-to-5 scale whether their educations were worth the cost, with 1 meaning "strongly disagree" and 5 "strongly agree."Nationally, 77% agreed, answering with a "4" (27%) or a "5" (50%).Even college presidents do not agree about the purpose of a college education.


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