Intimidating actors

Jerry Maguire director Cameron Crowe said he had a conversation with the star, when he announced his favourite.

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” and I was the only one who actually did,’ he told Interview magazine in 2012.He pulled out this dog-eared, stapled and notated script that he had read.Post-its, stapled index cards all over it – I’m sure his wife had even written ‘No’ across it in lipstick!But luckily for us all he was medically discharged and he returned to school where he discovered a love of acting.The 32-year-old has now found fame on HBO’s Girls and will have another starring role in the second of the new series of Star Wars films, due in 2017.” Hanks also discussed how the real Sully was active in the production and pushed the cast to stay true to the reality of the moment.


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