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Stern: I don't think a fat gay man is seen as shaming the entire community, necessarily; he's just not representing his sexuality very well and won't be seen as particularly attractive. These norms are changing, and they aren't universal. - cookies MUST be enabled in your internet browser for you to be able to login! At Free Hookups, we can guarantee you will find the perfect match.After a Buzz Feed writer posted a story last week about his struggle to gain acceptance from the gay community as a chubby man, one straight, female Slate blogger and one gay, male Slate blogger compared notes on body image, physical attractiveness, and the pressures we all face to look a certain way.The below IM conversation has been condensed and edited. Stern: I just think that women's eating habits fall under the general category of "things the public feels comfortable commenting on," like women's clothes, bodies, and faces.What makes us different is not only will we get you laid tonight, but with thousands of hot guys joining everyday, we can guarantee that you will continue to get laid! Stop waiting - Hook Up Now We have a very unique way of matching you with the right partner, which is why we have the highest success rate of matches of any online dating website out there. The best part is, once you are a member, you get to browse our massive database, so you can meet hot guys worldwide if you want to! Sign up and see for yourself why The bar scene is great when you are young and have lots of free time.


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