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One night, two teenage friends Dominique (Alexz Johnson) and Ursula (Magda Apanowicz), wander in a graveyard, and when lightning strikes a tombstone, they discover a mysterious, blank book.The book has a message inside, granting power to those who write into it in exchange for the person's soul.Queer characters didn't exist simply to educate their (straight) peers about the LGBTQ community.In getting to know these characters, fans bore witness to the unique struggles of queer youth: Characters faced unsupportive families, anti-queer violence, and internal battles with confronting their sexuality, amongst other issues.Meanwhile, Dominique,visit her late dad died, and her mother, is often absent, working to pay the bills.Shortly, Heather's legs are broken by two cars in an apparent freak accident.Darcy finds out the truth from Manny, which results in an all out cat-fight.From this, Spinner declares his want to purify himself and become a virgin once again.

and p.m., CTV were able to broadcast the final ten episodes of the season before The N.Despite this act, Darcy once again questions his motives when he admits that Manny was not his only past sexual partner.He thus feels that he will never fit into Darcy's mold of what she wants him to be.As a result of their problems, both Paige/Alex and Spinner/..., now known simply as “Degrassi”, is the television series exploring the authentic high school experience.tackled the tough stuff — teen pregnancy, eating disorders, school violence received multiple episodes throughout the series — but what it did best was give a voice to characters most shows don't allow viewers to get to know intimately.


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