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Here is an example: "Let's suppose you get a phone call tomorrow morning telling you that you've won a free trip anywhere in the world to watch a musician of your choice perform in concert.

Where would you go, and which artist would you see?

) you will realise it’s a really fun and easy going singles event with other friendly singles.

You’ll be surprised how often guests say “I liked so and so but they were a bit serious about it all”.Where: Hackney Attic, Hackney Picture House, 270 Mare St, London E8 1HE Tickets: £20.Available here May the fourth is Star Wars Day and so it holds a special and auspicious place in the nerd calendar.Did you know that two thirds of people turn their head to the right when kissing? Would it surprise you to discover that some insects leave their penis behind in the female after sex?Or that one crazy creature rips off its penis and throws it at the female… Is it possible that you make better decisions when you need a wee? Tickets are strictly limited to 40 attendees (20 men, 20 women).Pick up a fortune cookie, read the message to your ‘date’ and discuss. – Come to this table for a hands on session with Jana Valencic where you as a ‘democratic chef’ share and discuss how you eat and your attitudes to food through visualising these on plates, chefs hats and decorations. Alternating heads of the table, including special guests from anti-poverty organisations, sustainable city farms and academic researchers facilitate a round table conversation on food democratising.


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