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When I got home I rang the tax credits helpline to see how much I would be entitled to there, only to be told that I wouldn't be entitled to child tax credits OR my boyfriend working tax credits either!!!!!

It was very complicated the workings out but its bc even though then i wont be getting benefits it has to be calculated in the tax year till april 2013 which would have made the yearly total 29,000 ish (my BF gets about 24,000) i asked her to calculate it after that tax year when there will be nothing of mine taken into consideration but she still said there would be no entitlement bc of his wage.

After discovering that another phone on my account also had no signal, I called my mobile carrier on a landline phone.

The customer service representative explained that my account had been updated to include new i Phones, and in the process the SIM cards in my Android phones had been deactivated.

According to Sun Ra scholars, drummers Jimmy Johnson and Roger Blank both toured at various times during the mid-'60s with the Arkestra.

"Imagination" includes a brief recitation, after which comes a full-blown band improv.

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My phones immediately stopped receiving calls, and I was left with a large bill and the anxiety and fear of financial injury that spring from identity theft.

She assumed it was a mistake, and told me to take my phones to one of my mobile carrier’s retail stores.

The store replaced my SIM cards and got my phones working again.

Im assuming i would get child benefit but 80 a month wont exactly pay the rent or bills.

I went mad on the phone as asked how they could possibly make the judgement that we are ok bc he works without doing an income/outgoings calculation bc the truth of the matter is without the bits of money I et we wouldnt even survive just the 2 of us let along adding on a n extra person!!!!!


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