Accommodating ideas

strives to exceed expectations by securing qualified language professionals who are experienced, certified and qualified.

was initially founded in 1992 by Darlene Geyer to bridge the gap for traveling professionals who are D/deaf by providing Americans with Disabilities Act training and consultation and general disability awareness training for employers and customer service representatives.

We close the knowledge gap for everyone involved by assisting your people in understanding the obligation to provide services and the process of providing any given language access option.

there are no language barriers, when on-site in person provision of services is not an option, we will connect you with a language access professional via telephone or internet.From the theater to classrooms to doctor's offices or hospital emergency rooms from on the job training to law enforcement arenas we do it all.If communication needs to be accessible via sign language interpretation Accommodating Ideas is there day or night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. A.’s) who are nationally certified, seasoned, interpreters has served as a solid foundation for our sign language interpreting services.Although language proficiency and experience is key, our quality selection is based on a careful review of skill sets, adherence to our code of professional conduct and overall professionalism.From only performing services in person and on-site to service provision over telephone lines and the internet.


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