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You can rely on us for a boost of confidence, a helping hand or a last-minute rescue. We don’t sit on the sidelines; we’re those head quarterbacks, ready to win the big game. Expect intensity from us in relationships, and in every other aspect of our lives.In our personal and professional lives, we take full control. When we identify with things, we pour our hearts and souls into them.Getting the right woman who understands this trait is important for the happiness of the Cancer man.Also, another important aspect among the Cancer man dating tips is the need to find someone who cherishes you.He has an instinctive sense of people and their desires and finds it easy to be sympathetic to others.This is probably because of the fact that the sign is ruled by the Moon, a feminine energy and a ruler of moods.In fact, you might not even realize until its way too late that he is taking the relationship far more “seriously” than you are.These guys are often dumped for being too clingy or needy after a few months of romance.

A Cancerian male can be extremely vulnerable to criticism and will retreat into his shell if his feelings have been hurt.

To be fair, you do only have time for a few dates and a little bit of passion.

The Cancer man approaches dating a little differently.

Any person born between June 22 and July 22 falls in the Cancer Zodiac sign.

Some of the traits that define a Cancer man are loyalty, caring nature, dependable, responsive and adaptive.


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