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I started by asking Judith what, biologically speaking, do we actually mean by "sex"? So, it's the act of actual - it's called syngamy, the combination of egg and sperm, but related to that, what we said is the evolution of sexual dimorphism so how you get separate males and females.

I have only ever had anal sex"I currently have a boyfriend who knows I am a virgin and want to wait until marriage to have sex.Genetically speaking, our human species is broadly divided into male and female, determined by our sex chromosomes - XX for females and XY for men, although there are people whose chromosomes don't strictly conform to this, for various reasons.But the way that we do sex - at least on a genetic level - isn't the only way to do it. Thanks for the Link Keke Jolade - Saw some Styles on there that i would Love to have!! 49Disclaimer: Every Nairaland member is solely responsible for anything that he/she posts or uploads on Nairaland. Our tube site is one of better places to enjoy Deep Throat porn vids. Kat - A lot of us are familiar with the idea that humans have an X and a Y chromosome if you're a man, and XX, if you're a female. So, they start out as one sex and when there's some sort of cue, they flip to the other one.


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