Validating ps3 dumps

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Get notified of all new content on QJ in our free Daily Digest. Bw E has updated his NAND Validator application for Windows.

Also on the cards is a new release called Bw E NAND Validator.

As the name suggests this app will check your NAND dump and attempt to warn you of any inconsistencies.

If a validation says 'warning' or 'danger' investigate it yourself manually using a hex editor, or contact somebody knowledgeable.This is a Tool to handle the PS4 Macronix NOR Flash.It can Read/Write the Chip with use of Teensy 2.0 USB Dev Board.Do take note that these tools come with no warranty as there is no way to validate dumps 100%.After selecting your dump and choosing which patch you want it will begin to process the validation.Bw E PS3 NOR Patcher v1.0 Following up on his PS3 NOR Dump Auto-Patcher v0.01, today Play Station 3 developer Rogero has released PS3 NOR and NAND Auto Patcher v0.04 with the changes outlined below. Bw E NOR/NAND Patcher 0.02 Following up on the previous updates from Bw E, today Play Station 3 homebrew developer sinsizer has made available PS3 NOR / NAND Statistic Beta for those interested in validating and checking their PS3 NOR / NAND dumps.


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