Laura dianne vandervoort dating

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Laura landed her first speaking role at 13 for the Canadian children’s series magazine.

I’ve found a lot of moments to introduce my own character into it and have in fact been encouraged to do so by writers and directors and producers. So when you’re dealing with a lot of types with some major tempers and some hot personalities, I’m sent in from time to time to offer a little bit more of a softer approach to getting information. Since our first image of Nick has him in bed with both a man and a woman, what can you say about the character’s sexuality?

There will be moments, not quite so similar, but there’s definitely a trend that you’ll notice with Nick. She’s a very positive woman and a very driven woman. We kept in touch and when we were both down in LA, we actually lived a block away from each other, coincidentally enough.

And that is simply that he enjoys those facets of life. I think our backyards touched — it was crazy, in sort of the biggest city in the world and her and I were that close.

It’s not to say that he is bisexual or that that even occurs to him. Her, myself and a couple of members of the “Bitten” producing team, including the executive producer, Shawn Piller, got together for dinner one night last January or February.


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