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The first time she visited the country late last year, American singer Jessica Sanchez, though very charming, was also rather reserved—more so when facing the press.

And despite her being of Filipino and Mexican descent, the “American Idol” runner-up admitted that she didn’t know much about the Philippines; that her Tagalog was limited.

“I probably had three days to learn the song and it was hard.

Season 12 Bombs: In 2013, the once hottest reality show on TV saw its ratings tank with a weak field of male contestants and female singers critics deemed well, I-dull!

The four-person judging panel of Keith Urban, Randy Jackson, and toxically feuding divas Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj caused viewers to tune out in droves and the season 12 finale, in which Candice Glover triumphed over Kree Harrison, saw ratings drop an incredible 33 percent from the year before!

I'm really known as a falsetto singer, which I love, but not a lot of people like that, so I tried to put some low into it. Center midfielder." Colton Dixon, 20, from Murfreesboro, Tenn. But America gets tired of seeing the same thing, so I've got to break away from that."Fun Fact: "I was an extra in the movie." Heejun Han, 22, from Flushing, N. All heart: "As an artist, I want to be a person who can move people's hearts. She sings from her soul and where she comes from inspires me."Fun fact: "I'm addicted to spicy foods. And I also love Kelly Clarkson because her music is timeless. Also, when I was younger, I used to do 'I Will Always Love You' at karaoke.

But the key in that first whole verse did not do good for me at all."Fun fact: "I love Hawaiian culture." Hollie Cavanagh, 18, from Mc Kinney, Texas Petite powerhouse: "I like to think of my style along the lines of like Christina Aguilera — some pop but also a mature and soulful sound. Master of the keys: "The piano plays a huge part of me. For [theme weeks], I'd like the '70s, '80s and lovely, lovely slow songs where you could just melt the girls' hearts. She won 10 seasons ago and her music is still very popular today."Fun fact: "I dream of this all the time, performing on stage with Beyonce. You know, like the real, Asian karaoke, 'Power of Love' and all that." Elise Testone, 28, Charleston, S.


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