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You want to track Hollywood careers, look in the real estate section.You see a guy buy a house that costs million, and you can literally start counting the days until he starts doing crappy movies.The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival concludes on Sunday before returning again for it's final three days beginning Friday.April 29 / Paramount Theatre / Asbury Park, NJ Notes: It was such an unlikely occurrence that it seemed not only improbable but well nigh impossible that Bruce Springsteen would make an unannounced appearance on an Asbury Park stage on two successive nights.

The 35-year-old left the scene prior to law enforcement arrival, and was later arrested 15 miles away at his Arlington home.

After the outstanding full set from the Disciples, Stevie called out, "Where's my brother from another mother?

" A beaming Bruce ambled out toward him from stage left.

As my mother always said, the .0001 percent of the most beautiful people in the world come to Hollywood.

You could be a 10 in your hometown and you're lucky to be a seven in Hollywood.


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