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It may be fatuous to say whether that is a good or bad thing; it just , for the moment.They are two halves of a polity so broken and so far apart that it is also hard to see how they might ever come back together into a consensus about how a society might operate successfully.Clusterfuck Nation Now appearing Mondays and Fridays Support this blog by visiting Jim’s Patreon Page!Let’s take a breather from more consequential money matters at hand midweek to consider the tending moods of our time and place — while a blizzard howls outside the window, and nervous Federal Reserve officials pace the grim halls of the Eccles Building.It is clear by now that we have four corners of American politics these days: the utterly lost and delusional Democratic party; the feckless Republicans; the permanent Deep State of bureaucratic foot-soldiers and errand boys; and Trump, the Golem-King of the Coming Greatness. The Democrats reduced themselves to a gang of sadistic neo-Maoists seeking to eradicate anything that resembles free expression across the land in the name of social justice.Coercion has been their coin of the realm, and especially in the realm of ideas where “diversity” means stepping on your opponent’s neck until he pretends to agree with your Newspeak brand of grad school neologisms and “inclusion” means welcome if you’re just like us.Under the Customer Protection Rule, NFS is prohibited from pledging or borrowing a customer’s fully paid (non-margin account) securities in its proprietary business.

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And they may have left their customary official parties stranded and dying too.Its primary role is to return funds and securities to investors if the broker/dealer holding their assets fails financially.SIPC does not reimburse customers for market loss, investment fraud, or worthless securities; instead, it steps in to help individuals whose money, stocks, and other securities are at risk when a broker/dealer files for bankruptcy or becomes insolvent. It should be noted that, from the time SIPC came into existence through December 2009, SIPC has advanced .1 billion in order to make possible the recovery of 3 billion in assets for an estimated 625,000 investors.I guess you’ve noticed by now that the center didn’t hold.Instead of a secure platform for political premises like tradition, precedent, rationality, and cultural norms, you see a fiery maw of sheer emotion between the camps of the so-called Left and the so-called Right.That should suffice to shut the wicked place down for once and for all!


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