Dating someone less intelligent than you

High grades, published papers and practical application achievements can also show you the depth of a person’s intelligence.

I think most of those who are saying people are acting 'superior' aren't really saying they're moreso. Since, I've realized that this is a cruel and unhealthy attitude, and I try to not enter into relationships with those less intelligent than myself. I literally have to mark out boundaries where he and the kids shouldn't mow or dump lawn clippings. So when someone says they don't find another person intelligent, I begin (like Third Eye) to think that they do not share intrests or communicate well.

[...] They won't think twice about going out for a meal in the middle of the week just for the hell of it and paying a bill in excess of £100.

You can, however, change the way that you interact with them and perceive them.

It’s not so much judging anothers intelligence as it is looking at being ’ equally yoked’ with someone for optimum success rate. My husband isn’t what most people would consider “book smart.” He doesn’t give a shit about current events, he never paid attention in school, and he wouldn’t read an actual book if you paid him. I think it gives us a nice balance, and I don’t find it frustrating at all.

However, if I want to talk about science or the news or have a heated religious debate, I definitely go elsewhere. Everyone has dumb moments but stupidity gets very annoying to me, personally.

Here are some of the most illuminating answers from the Reddit thread. My father and step mother were given custody of me, they are hardcore bikers.

I grew up learning learning how to sell drugs, fight, work on bikes, make moonshine, etc. My SO comes from upper middle class, went to private school, family celebrates birthdays, having a fridge half filled of food is "getting low" etc. [...] We never worry about money because I can make a twenty feed us for weeks and she knows when to remind me to spend money on myself. I was ecstatic that I had my first 5 driving lessons paid for me as my present from my parents.


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