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Do you gravitate towards action projects, or do you get them because you’re so good at it? Variety states “Roger Moore, the handsome English actor who appeared in seven films as James Bond — the most o...

series Continuum and now you’re in the post-apocalyptic zombie film Pandemic. If you look at the cast: Sienna Miller, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Channing Tatum, and Marlon Wayans … I’m also a very good shot, so I’m probably going to win most of the time in any category. This is some really terrible news but James Bond himself Roger Moore has passed away at the age of 89.

But then it's hardly surprising, considering gaff-prone Sienna herself recently admitted: 'Well, if these films are well done I can find them quite entertaining. It's not the kind of film I'd normally go and see.' Making an entrance: Sienna and veteran TV host Jimmy Kimmel were lowered to the red carpet in a cherry picker The 27-year-old actress, who is soon setting up home in New York to take the title role in the Roundabout Theatre Company's production of Patrick Marber's After Miss Julie, recently opened up about her scandal-ridden affair with married father-of-four Balthazar Getty.

Usually cast as a strong heroine who’s formidable with an assortment of weapons (swords, axes, and a plethora of guns, come to mind), actress Rachel Nichols has been one of the most front-and-center stars of some of the biggest and best genre projects over the last handful of years. People believe me doing it because I love doing it. There’s something that draws me to it, and there’s nothing like a good fight scene, I’ve got to tell you.

It seems like it'll be hard to watch, but also promises to be darkly comedic. Who directed it: Linda Bloodworth Thomason What it's about: This documentary tells the story of Shane and Tom, and the legal and emotional struggles Shane faced following Tom's untimely death.

Through Shane, we see the direct results of marriage inequality.

In Star Trek you were painted green, and in Pandemic you had to wear a Hazmat suit through most of the movie. I am also horribly claustrophobic, so having to wear a helmet and run and act and be actiony and do all of those things was a challenge for me. It lent itself very well to the way the movie came out. [Thomas] Kloss, who was the DP, I think he made the movie look absolutely fantastic. The sword and sorcery genre was new to me, but we had a great stunt team, and I always give major props to the stunt team, all the coordinators and all the doubles that I’ve had because especially on that film …

Actress Rachel Nichols, star of new TV series "Continuum," filmed scenes with co-star Victor Webster for their latest project in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on February 6, 2012.


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