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I can’t promise you eternal happiness or marital bliss.

Whether it’s hiking in a group, riding motorcycles, going rock-climbing, working out, joining a photography class, or even just traveling—go with one of your hobbies and you’ll have better luck sticking with that.This is also where most people are their own worst enemies, because most people try too hard. The world, television, and even some of your friends would have you believe that the best place to meet that special someone is a bar or club on a weekend night.While it’s true that it’s possible, it’s certainly not easier, and, in fact, is usually a lot harder than other less typical, yet more effective—and ultimately more fun—ways of meeting people.With high family expectations and economic pressures creating new challenges in the search for love in Shanghai, it is becoming increasingly difficult for 20- and 30-somethings to find a suitable dui xiang -- a partner -- to share their life and assets with. A definitive “sheng nu” (a leftover woman) with a big shoe collection.For Shanghaining, it’s not as simple as finding that person who makes your heart melt. In addition to being lovable, in modern Shanghai Mr Right is expected to provide a house, a car and comfortable living for his spouse. She has to be good looking, economically savvy and have a high EQ.I don’t know how many times I’ve heard a friend complain about how miserable his or her dating life is. It’s reviled and frequently painful, yet what choice do you have?


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