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I mean, all those hours spent alone doing homework at Cecil Green library to keep up your GPA might keep something else up, too if you know what I mean.

Unlike Troy and Gabriela, these Wildcats don’t wait till the end of the summer to kiss (among other things) for the first time.

"This driveway (maintained by homeowners) sees 1,000 people every day.

Most are kind, fun and welcome, but many are not.” Commenting on the closure, an Astoria City Councilman, told KGW News: "I'm surprised that she waited this long.” Meanwhile in Seattle, the house that the Pixar movie Up!

Unnecessarily expansive community notification laws (especially when combined with residency restrictions, described in the next chapter) may drive more and more offenders underground, away from supportive services like sex offender treatment, and away from the supervision and monitoring of law enforcement.

Harsh enduring consequences also provide little incentive for former offenders to live without offending.

Registered sex offenders face ostracism, job loss, eviction or expulsion from their homes, and the dissolution of personal relationships.

A recent study of the impact of community notification in Florida found that one-third to one-half of sex offenders subjected to community notification reported “dire consequences” such as the loss of a job or home, threats or harassment, or property damage.

In 2014, conducted a survey that showed 43 percent of females and 48 percent of males believed that the dating culture at Stanford was more focused on hookups than on emotional relationships.

It’s Saturday night and you and your friends decided to hit up a frat party—a world where bedroom doors are locked because they’re being used for…studying, right? You can rock the walk like Amber Rose did or nervously hope no one notices your wedges and mini skirt. The map has locations around campus where you can find safe sex supplies like male and female condoms, dental dams, lubricant and a safer sex brochure.

Time to make that trek across campus and back to your dorm.

The Tetherow staff is experienced in hosting a wide range of special events and corporate functions including business luncheons, sales presentations, company retreats, weddings, holiday parties, anniversaries or more formal dining affairs.

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