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Tinder users ask interesting questions, are invested in dating, and in the long run, say “I love you” within the first year of dating.Moreover, 74% of online daters have had at least one committed relationship, while only 49% of offline daters have.Studies show that if a person meets nine people, one of those people is likely to be a good possible match, and a person can only know that if they get past the first date, especially since most people do not experience chemistry on a first date,” says match-maker Amy Van Doran. For some, it’s the constant stress of balancing work and school with relaxation time.You never know what can blossom over time AND you won’t get burned out by all the first dates.“Limit the amount of people you are talking to at a time.Maybe you’ll meet the love of your life on a date, maybe you won’t.Maybe you’ll have an amazing time, maybe you won’t.

If you have ever experienced online dating and dating apps, chances are at one point or another, you’ve attempted to chuck your phone at a wall because ONLINE DATING IS SERIOUSLY THE WORST.If your date is just so-so, nice, not your type, not very interesting or exciting, a little too heavy, a little too short, a little too of anything (unless it goes against your values or ethics), go on a second and even a third date.” Translation: If your date is just meh, don’t block him and head back to your app.Give the person a second date and stop trying to line up the next suitor.We tire, give up, and just altogether get too fatigued by the whole process.Whether it’s too many aimless dates or no matches at all, it’s easy to get burned out by online dating.It makes me feel like I’m being proactive instead of letting life pass me by.


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