Wu chun and ella chen dating

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Ella was born in 1981 in Taiwan, and as a hospital worker in 2000 found that her older sister had registered her for a musical-talent-search competition in Taipei.

See full summary » At a high school entrance ceremony, high school student Kotoko Aihara, who isn't that smart, notices pretty boy Naoki Irie. She is shocked when he reveals who he is - Hiro, a delinquent attending her school.

What she doesn't know is that Hiro isn't as bad as he seems.

They both have the qualities which make them remarkable and distinguishable from the other versions. I watch it both and I can say the taiwanese girl Ella chen.. by the way the girls in both versions are not ugly.. The hana kimi taiwan rockz because i really love ella chen who play the role of mizuki and she is really beautiful and cute.

If you ARE REALLY a FAN of Hana Kimi, we should not bash the characters of the opposite version since we just like the other.


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