Insufficient key column information for updating

Daniel Wischnewski – Basically, this is a note to myself, but it may help you anyway. Creating a little more complex query today, I got the error message "Insufficient key column information for updating or refreshing" when trying to apply changes to the data set. When the procedure completes successfully, metadata about the configuration operation is purged from these views.

Analytic use-cases almost exclusively use a subset of the columns in the queried table and generally aggregate values over a broad range of rows.This access pattern is greatly accelerated by column oriented data.Operational use-cases are more likely to access most or all of the columns in a row, and might be more appropriately served by row oriented storage.However, when one of these procedures encounters an error and stops, metadata about the configuration operation remains in these views.Typically, these procedures encounter errors when one or more prerequisites for running them is not met.Thank you, Daniel Daniel Hutchins Woodbridge, CA have noticed that when you use ADO in VBA, this message appears when you either update the Key field, or you don't have a key field and you update the field that VBA has decided to use to uniquely identify your records.


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