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His lawyer is demanding (unreasonable) information about child and stopped the payments to extort that information.According to our separation agreement, my ex has to keep paying even if there are disagreements (there is conflict resolution process for it). According to a report published by AARP, infidelity still plays a significant role in why people file for divorce.However, usually there is an underlying reason that causes a spouse to cheat including anger, resentment, having varied interests, growing apart, or unequal sexual appetites.For having had love and lost can make a man or woman feel less confident that they will ever find a life partner again.

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As well, a bevy of services are available to paying users not found on the other major sites (video chat for one), and the site boasts more users in Canada than any other dating site in the world.

Our site will provide you with clear, understandable and accurate information about separation and divorce in Canada.

We’ll help you get the answers and guidance you need, to confidently make the right decisions throughout this process.

Surprisingly enough, "forever after" often comes with the caveat "as long as you maintain your figure." According to a survey reported by Men's Health, one spouse gaining substantial amounts of weight can be a damper on marital bliss.

Once your spouse is no longer turned on or attracted to your body, issues dealing with rejection and resentment can quickly become marriage-threatening issues.


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