Reasons for dating a volleyball player

There is a certain something that all athletes share but with beach volleyball players, there’s just that extra ‘je ne sais quoi’.

It's a unique experience dating a volleyball player, especially if you don't play the sport.

It is again the time of the year when happy hearts celebrate a very special day and for those not so lucky ones to reflect a little bit.

Movie dates, fancy or not so fancy dinners, flowers and chocolates, special gifts and sweet moments are just some of the typical things to see during Valentine’s Day.

Seriously, can you think of another sport in which you and your beloved can align forces and take on your in-laws in a very real and competitive way? Obviously, this leads to some imperfect tanning patterns.

Mixed doubles differs from just about every sport in that it pits women and men against one another at even the highest levels of play. Until you see a tennis player in the buff, though, the allure of his/her tawny forearms and sun-bronzed face will deceive you into thinking you’ve met someone who dwells in endless summer.

Women tend toward the lithe and long-legged, while your prototypical male measures about 6′ 2″ and approximates Michelangelo’s David, muscle-wise.

Some guys are creepy because they smell like bad sex.When they aren’t competing in tournaments, they are training - and it shows. Dating a player means that you’ll need to also be in the sand – you know, not to ogle or anything, just to spend some quality time together… Pro-tip if you’re not a beach volleyball player: Carry a volleyball around and say words like “pass” and “serve” - that will definitely earn you the attention of some sandy suiters. You will end up living at the beach Who doesn’t want to retire with a house in a street with a name like ‘Ocean Drive’, situated in front of an azure blue ocean, with the sounds of the waves crashing gently, lulling you to sleep?Name one person who doesn’t want to wake up with beach waves every day?We’ve compiled a list of the top five reasons why you should start hanging out at beach volleyball matches and hope to snag one of these players. They are RIPPED Anyone who has run on the beach knows that it’s not as easy as Baywatch makes it look. Every step feels as though your legs are sinking beneath sand that should be called ‘soft cement’, and please, God, let it not be windy – or else it feels as though you’ve been stung by a mob of angry bees. If you date a pro beach volleyball player, you would need to travel (purely for moral support).All beach volleyball players have to say to these obstacles, however, is: Challenge accepted. You will travel the world Beach volleyball tournaments take place all over the world and they are set in some of the most beautiful locations on Earth - did we mention they take place on beaches? Anyone with a strong case of wanderlust should start hanging around beach volleyball nets.They are welcoming, fun and dedicated to volleyball.


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