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His upper middle class family was involved in the local banking and textile industries.

Those names, and there are several, are never added to the official tally.When George Fox stood on Pendle Hill looking out over Morecambe Bay (though he called it the Lancaster Sea) he had a vision of a great people to be gathered.The scene he saw in 1652 would have been busy but rural although there was a hint of its future role as he might have seen workshops making cannons, pistols and gunpowder . We see shipyards where nuclear submarines are built and maintained and factories making fighter planes - in fact one might hurtle past in the valley below us with locally made night sights on board for pinpoint bombing accuracy.Westmoreland’s strategy, based on artillery and air power, was tactically successful but politically unsuccessful, as it resulted in large-scale casualties among non-combatants, which eroded American support for the war.William Westmoreland was born in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, to Eugenia Talley Childs and James Ripley Westmoreland.Reproduced below is the presentation, in three parts, on Preparing for Peace, given by the Pf P planning group at Britain Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends on Tuesday 2nd August 2005 at the University of York.


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