Updating peerguardian

Peer Guardian is a tiny IP blocker program especially designed for P2P software users, but also to anyone who is concerned about the investigations that corporations and authorities perform on the internet.

Peer Gurdian blocks connections for the configured IP ranges and logs the blocked connections.

Peer Guardian 2 doesn’t get in the way of any of your other programs, as it lives in your tray or behind all of your other applications.

It also doesn’t hog up all your resources while running in the background.

One or more of my lists require an I-BLOCKLIST subscription. Is it the recording industry putting pressure on someone? I just installed a new install of peerguardian on a fresh ubuntu 16.04.

This is the error I get when my Peer Block starts at boot time. Everything installs and updates, but for some reason its not blocking anything and i can't figure it out.

These lists are updated just about every day in order to keep up with any new or changing IP addresses.Do you love the fact that some organizations try to track your downloading behavior?Well, I personally like my privacy, and I’m sure that most people around the Internet like their privacy as well.This little program is a must have, when you are on the net. Next my virus program alerted me that the program contained a Trojan type Virus and haulted the download.I always have it running, so it starts with windows. Although the program was not installed ,it did damage my operating system while attempting to download. It's official successor is Peer Guardian Linux (pgl).


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