Dating with no prospect of sex

Everybody in my high school is getting their body parts pierced.

I think some of the piercing is attractive – like multiple earrings or the navel.

Phelps, who’d gone on to be president of the fundamentalist Maranatha Baptist Bible College in Wisconsin, maintained close ties to Bob Jones, serving on its board of trustees as well as on its missionary and youth-camp boards.

Video Credit: Gabriel Arana Author Kathryn Joyce talks about GRACE's investigation into sex abuse at Bob Jones University.

Schweigert’s decision turned quite a few heads—landing on the front page of her hometown newspaper.

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Bob Jones officials said they were taking the step after watching the pedophilia scandal unfold at Pennsylvania State University the previous year.“I really haven't seen enough of him so far this spring.But I know one thing: He's got a lot of potential, a lot of ability. "He's probably going to go to triple A and get his bat going and get his game going, and then we'll see where we go from there.Nadine Schweigert got married this February, but there was no exchange of rings or vows. At 36 years old and a mother of two she decided not only is she happy with her life—but she wanted to share and celebrate that happiness in front of a room full of family and friends.Whether she meant to or not, she also showed the world she didn’t need a man to get married.Tina Anderson, a 15-year-old who lived in New Hampshire, was raped and impregnated in 1997 by one of her church’s deacons, then in his late thirties, while she was a babysitter for his family.


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